You may be forgiven for knowing nothing at all about Nuzkwamia. If you are entirely innocent of all knowledge of the country, you are not alone. Indeed, in a recent survey, forty percent of Americans had never heard of the place, and ninety percent could not locate it on a map. It’s one of those countries that doesn’t appear in the news very often, and scarcely ever in the headlines. Nor does it feature much in the travel sections of journals, though it does have a small, self-consciously exclusive, tourist industry. When journalists do bother to write about it, they describe it sometimes as an “economic miracle” (Washington Post, 7th January, 2037), and sometimes as “a terrifying tropical dystopia… run by a secretive priesthood of mad scientists” (The Guardian, 5th June, 2039) and a “disorienting pastiche, out of place and out of time – though created with absolute skill” (Architect’s Journal, October 2042). In its own PR, Nuzkwamia is described as a “constitutional anarchy”, which it admits sounds paradoxical, and also as an “absolutely strict meritocracy”, though it has a King who hands out noble titles.

The author of this blog is one of the few in the Western world who knows Nuzkwamia well, having lived there for several years, studied its history, and interviewed some of its key players. The mission of this blog is to explain Nuzkwamia to the world, admitting that a complete account is impossible and errors are certain, because the mysteries this country presents to outsiders are profound. I apologize in advance to my Nuzkwamian friends for any errors I may present here, and declare my keenness to be corrected where I go wrong.


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